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Who has Karina coached recently?

Karina can (and has) helped hundreds of leaders and rising stars uncover their potential and add polish (to shine). 

For more than eight years, she’s worked with corporations, schools, officers, and individuals all over the globe coaching them in the areas of self-development, public speaking, high performance, keynote speeches, sales training, high-stakes pitches, teaching business to influencers, media interviews, and even wedding toasts.

Her clients include children, teenagers, youngsters, rising stars, and bigwigs from CEOs to cybersecurity specialists, from small business owners to entrepreneurs. She’s also worked with diplomatic officials, physicians, developers, CFOs, artists, and nonprofit leaders, to name a few, at:


Public Speaking Coach, Instructor, Mentor, Life Coach



Public Speaking Coach, Instructor, Mentor, Life Coach


Yang Fan Academy

Public Speaking Coach, Instructor, Mentor, Life Coach


Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Secretary of Education of the Corporate´s Toastmasters Club, Public Speaking Coach, Life Coach


Karina has taught my three children (ages 11,10 and 8yo) for the last 2 years. She is very versatile and talented – teaching each child public speaking, supporting their social and emotional development, and giving each child 1:1 personal coaching.  She has gone above and beyond our usual expectations, bonding with the kids, communicating with me directly about our shared goals, and challenges, and adapting to the needs of each child. She is a rare combination of teacher, coach, and therapist, all delivered online.

Vikas Bhushan, Physician, The Philippines. 

Secretary of Education of the Corporate´s Toastmasters Club

"I had bad experiences with public speaking in the past and I couldn’t get over my fear of understanding the reasons behind it. But now with Karina's help and guidance, I am at a completely different level of confidence and competence in public speaking. Karina has a different approach compared to others and the tools she used were different and new to me compared to what I have experienced in the past whether it was thru Toastmasters or YouTubechannels. Her tools are very effective and they help you in understanding the roots of the problem and how to deal with it. Also with Karina, you get a lot of practical practice. My level now at public speaking is completely different and advanced compared to my level when I first started and I am enjoying it and want to become an expert at it."

Sara Dosari, Organizational Change Manager, Riyad, Saudi Arabia

Secretary of Education of the Corporate´s Toastmasters Club

"Karina is a great communications coach. She really helped me to feel more confident while speaking in public settings. She is very friendly, patient, and hard-working. She also puts a lot of energy and dedication into each lesson"

Brodie Lawrence, Gamer, and rising influencer from Washington, USA

Secretary of Education of the Corporate´s Toastmasters Club

"Karina is an amazing public speaking coach. She can not only help you in improving your speech delivery with voice and posture training, but she can also address your inner hesitations and doubts that keep you from bringing your ideas to life and are more important in a speaker than just the superficial aspects of the craft. She can help you find your voice, project it to the right audience, and enable you to handle the critics very well. She definitely brings her heart and soul to bring out the best in you. I am forever grateful for having the classes with her."

Harsh B. "Founder and CEO at AI tech company in the Bay Area of San Francisco, USA

Secretary of Education of the Corporate´s Toastmasters Club

"Karina is the best teacher that my daughter has had. She's always so prepared for each lesson and teaches with passion. I didn’t find anyone as amazing as Karina. I feel very lucky to have found her and give her a highhhhhhhh recommendation to everyone. I am so appreciative to have found her and that my daughter gets to have an amazing teacher!"

Ying, a proud mother from Bangkok, Thailand

Secretary of Education of the Corporate´s Toastmasters Club

"She’s amazing at coaching you into the best version of you! She really makes it a priority for you to feel heard and gives you a safe space to be vulnerable & heal. She has tools for removing emotions & blocks that get in the way of speaking while also focusing on technical speaking & delivery. If you open up emotionally, you’ll be able to connect to deeper subjects and learn a lot more about yourself in the process! I’m learning so much about myself on an emotional & spiritual level around public speaking. She helps you tap into your best self so you can be confident and crush any situation. She is very special and talented! I highly recommend her! Take a leap of faith and book her if you wanna take yourself to the next level! After 3sessions I already feel a huge difference in my power & confidence! Thank you so much, Karina!!"

Emily, medium/channel from Virginia, USA

"Karina is an amazing teacher and I really enjoyed taking her lessons. I was anxious initially because I didn't have a good foundation in public speaking (also I'm not a native English speaker). But, her welcoming coaching style was inspiring and provided me with good learning insights."

Kenta, IT developer, and Sales representative, Japan

"Karina will improve your presentation skills exponentially and eventually will bring you to the next level as a person. In my case, I had to deliver a life-changing presentation. Within a few sessions, my delivery transformed from terrible to awesome. She took care to make my voice and my soul fit for the task"

Pablo González, Managing Consultant at NTT DATA Deutschland, Germany

"Karina is an amazing teacher and well-prepared. I really enjoy working with her. The lessons are well-structured and very organized. Indeed, I feel that I'm improving myself and my communication skills."

ZVI, Investor in Tel Aviv, Israel

"Karina demonstrated to me to have very wide knowledge in terms of communication skills. She always gave me professional and friendly advice based on my personal approach to people and the audience. In a short time, I could see great improvements in my public speaking and also the way I communicate and influence others. She tailored her program based on myself and my needs, which I found very effective and allowed me to notice some bad habits when I communicate, which I wasn't aware of. I really recommend Karina to achieve concrete goals and really step up with her career and personal goals"

Alberto N. Marketing specialist in London, England

"Karina is the most caring teacher among the several teachers I met before. What makes her special is that she considers the students' goal, and help them achieve them at a proper pace. For example, because I want to improve my public speaking skills, she plans with me and arranged related training, including script structure, voice, and pronunciation. I felt very fortunate to have Karina's advice and received positive feedback for a presentation from the workplace."

Megan, an IT developer from Taipei City, Taiwán

"Karina has gone above and beyond to make sure that I'm evolving as a speaker and getting what I need out of each week's lesson. Her encouraging and personalized coaching style has truly helped me gain confidence in my voice and has allowed me to identify the core messages that I want to convey in my career and my life in general. Karina also provides great supplementary materials unique to your needs and areas for growth that provide added value outside of scheduled sessions. I highly recommend taking lessons with Karina if you're committed to becoming a more impactful and self-assured public speaker and want expert accountability and guidance to get there."

Mitchell R. Carey, Empowerment Coach, Boston, MA, USA

"My daughter enjoys Karina's lessons. I am very happy with the progress my daughter has made already in the initial few lessons. I would strongly recommend Karina."

Vidya, a proud mother living in London, England

"I really enjoyed Karina’s style of coaching. She worked with me in my Public Speaking and helped me hone these skills to become more confident, think on my feet, and reduce my use of filler words. We worked on body language and watched speeches given by others to analyze and learn from them. I definitely would recommend Karina and I can’t wait to work with her on future projects."

Charlotte, manager living in London, England

"Karina is Fantastic! She is a great professional very nice and supportive. I already see improvements in my speech, and the best part is that her own speech is flawless which automatically reminds me of what I want to achieve. Thanks a lot, Karina!"

Nick, IT developer at Huuuge,  living in Poland

"Karina is friendly, empathetic, and super organized! She has a great learning plan so all the steps are clear from the beginning and she will access your needs. The second part of the hour of the trial was used to already start learning some public speaking techniques! Her program is a mix of the Toastmasters program and coaching. Highly recommended"

Andrea, an entrepreneur from Argentina living in London

"I have been working with Karina for 4 months to improve my public speaking. I can honestly say that she is a great teacher, has an excellent way of sharing knowledge, and give constructive suggestions. Her style of delivery is easy and empowering. I highly recommend her and I am very grateful to be working with her to achieve my goals.."

Hoda Salad, an officer at the European Bank of Development and Reconstruction in London, England

"Karina's classes inspired me from the very beginning and really helped me to become a better speaker. I even reached the point where I prepared my own speeches about different topics. Generally, the classes were very interactive, I got a lot of constructive feedback and I am very satisfied overall. Thank you!."

Lisa, IT developer from Germany living in Barcelona

"Karina is a super tutor, very well prepared, and motivated. For me, it is a great improvement in the private and business sectors. Thank you very much"

Franz, IT developer from Germany

"Karina helps me with speaking. She applies a great methodology encouraging speak as much as you can, while carefully guiding you and suggesting what to improve. It's not easy, takes effort, and I get tired each lesson, but also I feel improvements and progress"

Max, IT manager from Russia

"Technical skills are important for public speaking, but Karina has shown me that it is also crucial to adapt to the mindset of the subject you would be presenting. She made me realize the importance of finding corresponding research material, as well as the importance of resonating with the audience."

CandySo is a young student from Hong Kong.

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