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Battle for freedom

How tiring it can be to wear a mask wherever we go. Especially when we don't think we're playing our role in the best way.

Having a human nature means that we have an emotional aspect of ourselves that links us more to our animal and survival side, and a more evolved side in which we use reason.

In order to have a functional society, we constantly need to find a balance between these two forces and coexist and survive and be happy all at the same time!

Is not easy! Therefore, most of us are not living a vibrant, genuine life even though that is the right of every living being.

life´s roles, personality, identity
The theater of life

Life is a stage in which we play different roles, we adapt our way of unfolding and communicating according to the context in which we find ourselves, seeking to create the most favorable conditions to live in harmony.

We are all doing the best we can, with the resources, talents and potential that each one possesses. And it is in our nature to compare ourselves to others while seeking their acceptance.

But many times the complexity of the game has led us to lose ourselves in frustration over how the behavior of others affects us, or the way in which they try to limit us and coupled with our own fears, leads us to play the game at a higher level. too basic.


To win in the battle of life, we need strategy, we need to create our vision board or battle board as I like to call it.

In the world's top companies, they usually have a room with a huge wall where they display the company's strategy and vision, they call it "The Battle Board". All leading employees know that leadership is a game of alignment.

All the company's efforts have to be aligned to that vision and strategy, and that's why you also need a vision board. So that your daily actions are always optimized and directed so that your agenda is advancing and growing.

Fill it with images that visually keep you focused on what you want to see materialized. Add phrases, elements and concepts that evoke that motivation and inspiration of the impact you can make.

You can use the tool or also the boards are quite dynamic and elaborate. Print it large and fill an entire wall with your vision to keep you focused.

Do a Google search for "vision boards" but at the end add the things that resonate with you.

You can use a calendar format like I do, or just do it visually with different categories you're focused on.

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