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Public Speaking Workshop

Saturday, October 29 @ 03:00 pm US/Mexico Central Time

A Free Workshop on How to Improve Your Communication skills.

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Presented by Karina Carlos,
Founder & Instructor at Intelligent Public Speaking.

Karina is a professional life coach, motivational speaker, and instructor. She has devoted her life to the study and research of human self-development and high performance since 2015. She helps people realize their true worth and potential, build their self-confidence, and accomplish their pursuits. Besides self-development, she is an expert in Public Speaking and Leadership. She personally coaches high-performing adults, teenagers, and children clients from more than 20 countries around the globe. She is known for driving quick results in a positive environment and providing empowering learning experiences.  

In this workshop we will cover

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Benefits of practicing in a workshop format.

A positive and engaging learning experience that will allow you to:

1. Practice with an audience

2. Learn by watching and the feedback that others receive. 

3. Practice your Leadership abilities.

What others are saying...



I had bad experiences with public speaking in the past and I couldn’t not get over my fear of it or understand the reasons behind it. But now with Karina's help and guidance, I am at a completely different level of confidence and competence in public speaking. Karina has a different approach compared to others and the tools she used were different and new to me compared to what I have experienced in the past whether it was thru Toastmasters or YouTube channels. Her tools are very effective and they help you in understanding the roots of the problem and how to deal with it. Also with Karina, you get a lot of practical practice. My level now at public speaking is completely different and advanced compared to my level when I first started and I am enjoying it and want to become an expert at it.



Karina is a warm and dedicated communication and life coach. She is very resourceful and comes fully prepared with materials but at the same flexible depending on which area I need her support. Every session is a very rewarding and enjoyable session with her.



Karina is amazing teacher and well prepared. I really enjoy working with her . The lessons are well structured and very organized . Indeed, I feel that I'm improving myself and my communication skills.



Karina demonstrated to me to have very wide knowledge in terms of communication skills. She always gave me professional and friendly advice based on my personal approach to people and the audience. In a short time, I could see great improvements in my public speaking and also the way I communicate and influence others. She tailored her program based on myself and my needs, which I found very effective and allowed me to notice some bad habits when I communicate, which I wasn't aware of. I really recommend Karina to achieve concrete goals and really step up with her career and personal goals.



Karina is the most caring teacher among the several teachers I met before. What makes her special is that she considers the students' goal, and help them achieve them at a proper pace. For example, because I want to improve my public speaking skills, she plans with me and arranged related training, including script structure, voice, and pronunciation. I felt very fortunate to have Karina's advice and received positive feedback for a presentation from the workplace.



Karina has gone above and beyond to make sure that I'm evolving as a speaker and getting what I need out of each week's lesson. Her encouraging and personalized coaching style has truly helped me gain confidence in my voice and has allowed me to identify the core messages that I want to convey in my career and my life in general. Karina also provides great supplementary materials unique to your needs and areas for growth that provide added value outside of scheduled sessions. I highly recommend taking lessons with Karina if you're committed to becoming a more impactful and self-assured public speaker and want expert accountability and guidance to get there.

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