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Life Coaching

¿Qué es un coach de vida?

Un coach de vida es una persona que trabaja en asociación con un individuo para ayudarlo a alcanzar su potencial en todas las facetas de la vida.

Así como un deportista profesional tiene un entrenador para trabajar en los aspectos técnicos y psicológicos de su rendimiento, la gente común debe adoptar un enfoque estructurado y disciplinado para el desarrollo y la mejora personal.

Un entrenador de vida acreditado desempeña este papel.

Karina Carlos Life Coach

Here are just a few benefits of working with a SelfConquest coach:


  • Improved self-confidence: Our clients have reported an 80% increase in self-confidence after working with us.

  • A different perspective: We provide new and often helpful perspectives on things to help you gain clarity and overcome obstacles.

  • Heightened self-awareness: We'll help you develop a stronger capacity for introspection and reflection, leading to higher levels of self-awareness.

  • A balanced life: We'll help you identify what balance looks like for you and define action steps to achieve more balance in your life.

  • Better relationships: 98% of people who worked with us have reported improvements in their relationships.

  • Achieve goals: We'll help you define your life goals and create a concrete, doable plan to achieve them.

  • Find happiness: We believe that true happiness is achievable through personal growth and fulfillment. We'll help you unlock your potential and find happiness from within.

  • Clarity of purpose: We'll assist you in creating focus and clarity on your purpose in life, unlocking your passion and dreams.

  • Accountability: We are the ally that holds you accountable to your commitments and ensures that you follow through.

  • Discover your best self: We'll help you uncover your hidden potential and discover your best self.

  • Unlock potential: We'll help you unlock your latent potential by opening you up to alternate ways of thinking and creating clarity for your direction in life.

  • Improve communication: Our accredited NLP practitioners will help you improve your communication skills.

  • Manage time and productivity: We'll help you use your time more efficiently and achieve greater productivity.


Join the SelfConquest movement today and start your journey towards a better you. Contact us to learn more about our coaching services and start conquering your inner struggles today.

Unlock Your Potential and Transform Your Life:
Hear What Our Clients Have to Say


Maria, Business Executive

I am very happy to have met Karina, her support is strategic. A great coach and mentor! Her communication skills are incredible.


Vlad, Software Engineer

Our coaching sessions shifted my mindset regarding my future aspirations and helped fuel my next career move. It has been a very rewarding and encouraging experience! Thank you, Karina, it's been my great pleasure working with you!


Joyshe, Finance Specialist

Karina is resourceful, enthusiastic, and a great motivator. She is well-rounded and always offers good advice.

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