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Kids' Public Speaking Online Club: Fun & interactive workshops for ages 5-11. Build confidence & communication skills! 🎤🌟

Introducing Karina - Your Trusted Public Speaking Coach & Founder at Intelligent Public Speaking.

Welcome to the world of confident and impactful communication! I'm Karina, a seasoned public speaking facilitator with a passion for empowering young minds.


With over a decade of experience in coaching and professional development, I am dedicated to helping your child unlock their true potential.

My journey began as a successful corporate speaker, honing my skills in various industries. Through my extensive background in public speaking, I understand the importance of effective communication in today's fast-paced world. With this knowledge, I have crafted a unique program tailored specifically for young learners.

Working closely with young students and their parents, I recognize the significance of nurturing self-expression and building self-assurance in children. Through engaging workshops and personalized coaching sessions, I provide a safe and encouraging environment where kids can explore their voices, cultivate their confidence, and develop essential life skills.

With my proven methodologies and dynamic approach, I have guided countless students to overcome stage fright, articulate their thoughts with clarity, and captivate audiences of all sizes.


Whether your child is a budding orator or simply looking to gain more confidence, my workshops are designed to ignite their passion for effective communication and foster lifelong learning.

As we embark on this exciting journey together, I invite you to explore our range of monthly plans and customized offerings. Join me in equipping your child with the tools they need to shine both on and off the stage. Together, let's unleash their full potential and watch them thrive in the world of public speaking.

Invest in your child's future today. Experience the transformative power of confident communication with Karina, your trusted public speaking coach.

Let's inspire, empower, and elevate your child's communication skills to new heights.

Hear What Others Have to Say


Dr. Bushan

Karina has taught my three children (ages 11,10 and 8yo) for the last 2 years. She is very versatile and talented – teaching each child public speaking, supporting their social and emotional development, and giving each child 1:1 personal coaching.  She has gone above and beyond our usual expectations, bonding with the kids, communicating with me directly about our shared goals, and challenges, and adapting to the needs of each child. She is a rare combination of teacher, coach, and therapist, all delivered online.


Ramona, Housewife

Knowing the importance of public speaking skills, I had my 4th-grade daughter take lessons from Karina to prepare for her first Speech Meet at school for the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI). I found Karina dependable, easy to work with, and very personable when interacting with my daughter. Karina used easy-to-understand and age-appropriate materials and videos to illustrate her teaching points. My daughter was very nervous initially but she improved over the lessons and was able to deliver her speech with much more ease and confidence. She even earned high marks from the judges. I also learned valuable knowledge from Karina as I sat next to my daughter to assist her during the lessons. Overall, it was a very positive and beneficial experience to start my daughter's public speech journey with Karina.


Siva, Software Engineer

Karina is a passionate and amazing teacher. My 9-year-old daughter won the public speaking competition with her help and guidance. She was very understanding and patient to make changes in the speech till the last minute. She is easily approachable and a friendly person. One of the best tutors I have ever met. My daughter has improved a lot in public speaking skills with Karina’s coaching. I will highly recommend her 😊👍


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